5 Digital marketing tips for restaurants.

  1. Make promotions
    Performing a trivia or contest is a way to attract fans to visit the place. We can also make special offers for followers on social networks, in short, blow the imagination into digital dynamics, without a doubt a profitable strategy.

  1. Use keywords
    Create a hashtags, so that people identify them only with your brand; Hanging on trends is also allowed, as long as the content is justified.

  1. Use images
    Taking pictures of the menu and disseminating them through social networks is an excellent strategy, because a picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to hunger there is no way to resist.

  1. Customer service
    You can add the option to book via social networks, answer customer questions, and maintain constant communication. Offering excellent attention by this means will make your brand go viral and recommended.

  1. Geolocation
    If you have several branches, adapt your mobile site and add the option to locate the nearest restaurant. Look for the page to be friendly for diners.

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